Brand exploration & soul.session

Through exploration, research and investigation we are able to gain a clear and understanding and perspective to a product, service and market place and ultimately consumer upon which we are able to create a foundation unto which guide our strategic and creative approach for our clients.  

This stage is crucial when defining the future direction taking into account,  cultural,  market and socio political factors when branding locally, regionally and internationally.

To come up with meaningful, strong and inspiring solutions and the later implementation of (online) resources, deepening is needed. For this we have developed the soul.sessions. A meeting in which we get through to the core and the detailing of the issue. We ask critical questions. Questions and wishes that can be expected from all relevant (internal and external) target groups. They go into the daily practice, prejudices, expectations and ambiguities. A proven way to look at each challenge seen from the outside. A focused approach through which strategy and concept development with complete knowledge can be delivered successfully and with short lead times. It is the accelerator and assurance of quality.

The soul.session provides the building blocks for all internal and external branding.

Brand strategy

With a solid exploratory case we develop a brand platform that forms the strategic and creative platform of the brand and will guide the following stages of design and experience and act as a tool to benchmark future development and diversification in the future. 

The brand strategy as well as aligning assets both internally and externally consolidates all the facets that make up the brand a allow us to communicate clearly and consistently across all levels of the business.

Brand identity

The creative stage of the branding process the brand experience is the visual and creative interpretation of the brand strategy. 

This is the stage where we develop f.e. the logo, identity, colours and look and feel that will represent all the brand touch-points such as marketing,  websites, interior, and other media.

Brand design

With and effective brand strategy and visual language completed this stage is the application of the visual language creatively and effectively across all the brand touch-points which stakeholders, shareholders, customers and partners interact and engage with.

This stage varies dramatically related to the product or service offered and the touch-points that are required.

Brand engagement & activation

Through planning, technology and internal and external engagement we bring the brand experience to market.