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key-visual on-, & offline campaign

key-visual on-, & offline campaign

Brand story Pager Services

Here at Pager Services, we are committed to connect. We develop and produce communication tools that protect and save lives. We have been wholeheartedly doing this for over 20 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are there for professionals in vulnerable workplaces.  We inform them and trace them whenever necessary. We are their invisible backup, continuously present and always to be counted on. We deliver reliable solutions for situations in which every second counts.

We listen closely to questions and wishes from the marketplace. That makes our solutions even smarter and more stable. Our end users’ high demands and expectations help us to always keep innovating in a relevant way.

On our website you can read the latest news about our products and services. That’s where we also share our ambitious R&D roadmap and everything you need to stay up to date on the latest technological and commercial trends within your market.

Dutch Design Week 2019


Paul Heijnen Studio: 10 years!

Established in the design city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Paul Heijnen is a branded personality of ourselves, an alter ego capable of customising our relation with each customer in constant personal progress. We understand designart as the grey zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual, installation and many other arts but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use.

New objects come to life as the intricate, modular designs grow in to and out from each other, becoming an evolving epiphanous tree of designs & ideas which can be traced to a common ancestor.

The exhibition 10 years Paul Heijnen gives a unique retrospective and unveiling of his most recent work that has never been shown before.

Courtesy of Frozen Fountain


Get real Media Smart! (3).gif

Young people grow up in a world of (online) messaging and there is a greater need than ever to be able to understand exactly what is being suggested, promised and ‘sold’ to us.

But it's also one of the most creative and inspiring worlds where ideas come alive with drama, excitement and humour, to keep us all entertained and engaged.

Cubiss creates (educational) materials and concepts for schools and youth organisations, for teachers, parents and guardians, to help young people think critically about the online seductions they come across in their daily lives.

To give ‘mediaknowledge’ a structural place in education.

That was the challenge faced by QliQ, umbrella organisation of 15 Primary Education Schools, two years ago. Every school now has an internally trained media ambassador and beautiful steps have been taken.

Together with Cubiss we made this appealing state-of-the-art longread. An inspiring story for everyone who works in Primary Education. recognized SquareSpace Circle Member.

circle-art-0102.jpg is from now on recognized SquareSpace Circle member. We joined the Circle to access a worldwide community of creative professionals dedicated to building beautiful and effective websites.

Squarespace is low-threshold webdesign software for micro-websites and instant publications where technology, as it should be, is subordinate to the brand message.

SquareSpace Circle is the community of leading website designers and creative entrepreneurs around the world.


Dutch Design Week '18

Schermafbeelding 2018-09-07 om 05.54.37.png

Photography of Sectie-C used on our website is made by, Ronald Smits, Max Kneefel, Boudewijn Bolmann, Tommy Kohlbrugge

This Dutch Design Week Sectie-C will take you on an inspiring and creative ride! With more than 50 open studios, exhibitions, teachers, Atelier Dinners, workshops and much more. We ensure that your eyes and brain remain saturated. Stay up to date Facebook and Instagram!


Sectie-C is a limitless domain merging independent thinkers and authentic doers within a unique, organic culture. Sectie-C is a bastion of new ideas, products and solutions. Sectie-C is populated with talent and skill. Organic collaborations between more then 250 creative entrepreneurs artists, designers, musicians, communicators and craftsmen make Sectie-C an almost self-sustaining enclave. 

Sectie-C is a vibrant with studios, workshops, gardens, podiums, exhibitions and labs. A tight community of doers and thinkers where unexpected collisions trigger a spark that stimulates new creations.Freedom governs at Sectie-C, letting its residents create in an original and conscious way.

Waarde door verbinding

De Brabantse Netwerkbibliotheek, het samenwerkingsverband van de 18 Brabantse basisbibliotheken en Cubiss, staat voor verbinding. Verbinding met de buitenwereld en verbinding met elkaar. In haar meerjarenbeleidsplan 'Waarde door verbinding' legt de BNB voor de komende drie jaar de nadruk op twee hoofdrichtingen: Verbinding met de maatschappij & De medewerker als spil.

lijnen opbouw5.png

Verbinding met de maatschappij

De bibliotheek kan alleen functioneren als zij middenin de samenleving staat. Woorden als ‘zichtbaar’, ‘betrokken’, ‘laagdrempelig’ en ‘netwerkorganisatie’ komen dan al snel naar voren. De Brabantse Netwerkbibliotheek wil meer zijn dan dat. Als agent of social change is de bibliotheek zowel fysiek als digitaal aanwezig in de lokale gemeenschap om te verrijken, te verrassen en te verleiden. Dit wordt onder meer gerealiseerd door een aanpak gericht op communities, groepen van betrokkenen rond een bepaald thema, waar de bibliotheek zowel onderdeel als aanjager van is. De bibliotheek ziet kansen, staat open voor initiatieven en creëert mogelijkheden voor haar gebruikers, haar partners, haar medewerkers en zichzelf – als maatschappelijke partner in het hart van de samenleving. 


De medewerker als spil

De bibliotheek maakt mensen rijker, mensen maken de bibliotheek rijker. De Brabantse Netwerkbibliotheek zet de komende jaren sterk in op verjonging, vernieuwing en verandering bij de bibliotheekmedewerkers, ongeacht hun functie. Verjonging heeft in dit geval weinig met leeftijd te maken, maar alles met dúrven veranderen en wíllen vernieuwen. De kwaliteit en het vakmanschap van de medewerkers bepalen het succes van de Brabantse Netwerkbibliotheek. Als de bibliotheek de rol van maatschappelijke verbinder wil nemen, behouden en uitbouwen en uitdragen zijn de medewerkers haar belangrijkste kapitaal. De Brabantse Netwerkbibliotheek ziet de bibliotheekmedewerker daarom als spil om die verbinding mogelijk te maken – ongeacht hun leeftijd, functie, aard of lengte van hun dienstverband.



Het online meerjarenbeleidsplan past zich automatisch aan naar het formaat van het device (desktop, tablet en mobiel).

Het meerjarenbeleidsplan liever als print? Geen probleem! Via het menu in het document is het meerjarenbeleidsplan als pdf te downloaden, geoptimaliseerd voor A4 prints.


Lees hier hoe de 18 Brabantse basisbibliotheken
en Cubiss deze thema’s verder hebben uitgewerkt.

Habesha Beer - Ethiopia

Habesha: the authentic, golden beer.
Founded and owned by thousands of proud Ethiopians.

Habesha stands for gratitude, and the celebration of togetherness.
It defines the shared pride and culture of all Ethiopians,
and encourages those who dare to be authentic.

Habesha, Share with Pride


Commercial 2018: -When Gold Meets Black

Habesha Breweries S.C is one of the fastest growing beer companies in Ethiopia. Habesha Beer has become a highly recognized brand in the Ethiopian Beer market. 

Back in 2014, even before the company started and only the big ambition was a fact, developed the overall marketing strategy, route to market, brandstory, brand-identity and paved the way for all marketing communication activities. 

The Habesha logo is a representation of Ethiopia’s rich ancient painting traditions. The habesha pattern, one of the characteristic brand elements, is a modern reflection of the Ethiopian ‘Tibeb’.

The Habesha logo is a representation of Ethiopia’s rich ancient painting traditions.
The habesha pattern, one of the characteristic brand elements, is a modern reflection of the Ethiopian ‘Tibeb’.

The Habesha brand identity is the visual representation of the features and benefits, built upon a set of values that represent the Habesha organisation. The brand identity is much more than just a logo; it is a way of bringing together the Habesha set of values to help differentiate the Habesha product in the market place and achieve competitive advantage.

Habesha gives consumers
a strong emotional reason
to choose our brand
— mr. Zewdu Nigate. CEO Habesha Breweries

For Habesha developed in 2017 & 2018:

  • Mission: Habesha's present state and purpose

  • Vision: Habesha's desired future state

  • Buyer persona’s: what inspires people to buy Habesha

  • Target audience: definition of Habesha's target groups

  • Differentiation: competitive advantage

  • Position: Habesha’s desired mindshare

  • Brandstory: rememberable, meaningful and emotional

  • Brand personality: the humanity behind the brand

  • Brand means: what Habesha means to our audience

  • Brand experience: the experience Habesha's wants to deliver

  • People: structering the marketing departement

  • Measuring: KPI’s, measurement and refinement

  • Media: key-activities for the coming years

  • Planning: activities for 2018 put in perspective

  • Facts: latest insights on the beermarket