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Young people grow up in a world of (online) messaging and there is a greater need than ever to be able to understand exactly what is being suggested, promised and ‘sold’ to us.

But it's also one of the most creative and inspiring worlds where ideas come alive with drama, excitement and humour, to keep us all entertained and engaged.

Cubiss creates (educational) materials and concepts for schools and youth organisations, for teachers, parents and guardians, to help young people think critically about the online seductions they come across in their daily lives.

To give ‘mediaknowledge’ a structural place in education.

That was the challenge faced by QliQ, umbrella organisation of 15 Primary Education Schools, two years ago. Every school now has an internally trained media ambassador and beautiful steps have been taken.

Together with Cubiss we made this appealing state-of-the-art longread. An inspiring story for everyone who works in Primary Education.